Wormhough Leek Results & Review

Some thankyous are owed all round, mostly to Byron, the Chief Marshall and Gaz, our ever friendly scrutineer.

This was a really well attended event, with as usual the numbers being swollen by the guys at wormhough, but nonetheless it was good to see some new faces, and some old ones (me) who haven’t been to an event in a while.

Punches were already set out by John the site owner, which I am told were in some sneaky locations…..

The punch competition was won by pez in the bowler tomcat, I don’t know too much about that as I was busy helping recover a g wagon from in the bottom woods, which as they weigh as much as a small planetary system, and it was his dads and didn’t want to scratch it!? was an event in itself.

The afternoon was given over to a cane trial set up by Ezz, Paul and myself. This is not a new thing for us, but we decided to add a twist to our usual time trial by making a tough trial through the ridges in the bottom field. The idea was to challenge most people by how far they got through the trial, and for the good guys to be separated by the time it took them to complete the trial. The trial rules were pretty simple, as many shunts as you like, touch a cane though and that’s as far as you got.

The results for the first direction are shown below.

Number Name Gate Time
22 Parry 5  
27 A.Furnley 5  
28 P.Bush Clear 1.21.32
17 C.Stone 5  
21 A.Henson 5  
14 D.Wright   1.01.48
7 A.Wint 5  
31 M.Wetton 5  
30 P.Dumilow 5  
24 S.Leeming 4  
7 D.Mint 5  
15 G.Horn 5  

As the trial was becoming impassable after gate 4 a quick decision was taken to reverse the direction of the trial for the last hour.

Results for the Reverse direction

Number Name Gate Time
27 A.Furnley Clear 1.33
18 K.Annable DNF  
28 P.Bush DNF  
17 C.Stone Clear 1.37
21 A.Henson Clear 0.49
14 D.Wright    
7 A.Wint Clear 0.54.17
31 M.Wetton Clear 1.10.82
30 P.Dumilow Clear 0.53
24 S.Leeming 4  
7 D.Mint Clear 1.16.89
15 G.Horn 5 1.16
25 E.Baxter Clear 1.04.84
26 P.Parry DNF  
  M.Naylor Clear 1.08.18
24 A.goodwin Clear 1.37.59

The trial was a great success with many vehicles taking part in it. If you can share any pictures or videos from the trial get in touch and we will either post them for you or help you to post them on the site.

Thanks must go to all the guys who helped with recovery which enabled most everybody to have a chance in the trial section.

Well, till next time and thanks.

Edit: Some pictures from Gaz Horne from the day below


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