To all members,


As several sites have recently closed,we are looking the increase the sites we currently use by introducing new ones. Many thanks to club member Andy Fearnley whorecently  drove to see the site owner of Padley Wood to get contact details for me. I have to arrange a meeting in the next couple of weeks to take over our insurance documents and then book some dates for next year. Once again thanks Andy.


If any other members use sites with other clubs that we do not currently use, please get in touch and we can discuss it, I need to have contact details for site owners, and some other club secretarys , not all it must be said, are not forthcoming with that kind of information, although I don’t understand why!?!?


Please get in touch with site info if you have it or can get it!


Many thanks, and see you at Holymoorside on December 11th!


Trevor Harrison

Club Secretary



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