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STAINBY 16th MAY 2010 | SORC 4×4

One day MSA event at this great site near Melton Mowbray. This event will have hidden punches and trial sections set out. Event runs from 10am to 4pm. Site suits all abilities TOILETS (bring your own loo roll!!) / RUNNING WATER AVAILABLE. Fees £15 members, £25 non members. Vehicles MUST conform to scrutineering requirements to […]

Shrek the Rangie | SORC 4×4

After weeks of badgering people for content, (thanks Chris, and Byron, Nigel don’t think that I have forgotten) I figure that it is about time that I start practising what I preach and trying to write up the history of Shrek the rangie. Shrek came to me as an insurance write off for £670 […]

Pic “n” Mix | SORC 4×4

My truck came to me as the best off road-er in the world. I soon learned that this was not the case as it had major over heating problems and very poor wiring on the winches. Plus the pressure plate on the clutch was dead after one day at leek.So with help from little […]

My Truck history. | SORC 4×4

Here are a few pictures of the off road vehicles I have had over the past four years.My first off road-er and daily drive. A Suzuki SJ410 and it progressed into this. Nigel started this project and called it Barbie and I finished it and called it Tango.This was my second vehicle. This was […]

SJ Meets Rangey and Daihatsu | SORC 4×4

I decided to  build this truck last Xmas for something to keep me occupied and spend some worthwhile money on (I think that is now an understatement!) Here’s a detailed write up of what has been going on. The Chassis- The chassis Has been welded up now and painted, It has rose joints on […]

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